What was your biggest highlight of your time with us?

I was given the chance to preview a few properties with the buying team around Notting Hill and Knightsbridge. This truly blew me away – both the size and interior of each house was incredible! The experience, both fascinating and insightful, gave me the opportunity to see agents’ interactions and watch a part of the buying process.


What did you learn from working for QEstates?

The most critical lesson I learnt during my time was that people are important. I was particularly inspired by the teams approach to inter-personal skills and their focus on developing long-term relationships with clients. I took away how significant working with quality people is, as it gets you a quality service.


How would you describe the office culture in 3 words?

Focused, Fast-Paced and Fun;

The office culture definitely exceeded my expectations. Upon my arrival I was given a very warm reception and this made it easy to settle in. Every employee has been very friendly whilst also seeming to be highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work. I found that there is a great balance between making it an enjoyable but also productive environment, and this definitely encouraged me to work harder.


What area of the business did you find most interesting?

Spending time with the international buying team; it was very intriguing how QEstates navigates a sale abroad and their negotiation process with other agencies. I certainty did not anticipate the preparation that goes into finding a home for QEstates’ clients, and how well they are able to cater to high net worth clients. An especially exciting property search I assisted in was in a luxurious Swiss ski village – as a massive ski enthusiast owning a house like this is one of my aspirations!


What particular skill will you take with you to your future roles?

I have certainly recognized the required etiquette and approach the buying team use when handling negotiations, whether it be with a high net worth client or another agent. Being organized, handling time well and making good impressions were all qualities I was impressed by. Taking away this will without a doubt help me in many future employment opportunities.


What are you most proud of during your internship?

I felt very accomplished to be able to contribute to the QEstates newsletter by writing my own article. I was elated when I found out I would be writing on the topic of New York – I  once visited and was amazed by the high-rise properties. Combining my writing ability I had learnt from school, and knowledge of property from QEstates, I was able to produce something I was proud of. It was also interesting to see how I could apply skills I had learnt from my education into the employment sector.


What advice would you give to the next intern?

I would advise them to not hesitate to ask any questions.  The team always made sure they were setting aside time to enhance my learning experience. They were more than happy to help explain or clarify things I didn’t understand – this especially helped as I knew nothing about property beforehand!