Words by Camilla Purves

As with most industries, the property market experienced many changes through the pandemic. In particular we saw a lot of changes in the Quintessentially Estates Bespoke Home Management Service – Quintessentially Home.

Quintessentially Home is the department which offers our clients a bespoke tailor-made service to assist homeowners in their residences. We offer a service that is a fusion of the standard property management services, such as maintenance, utility bill management and secure key holding, and the more bespoke lifestyle services like dry cleaning, housekeeping, post management, dog walking and fridge stocking.

The main trend we have seen, undoubtedly, is the increased focus on hygiene and cleaning services and the use of antiviral products. As this has been a priority for 100% of our clients, we now offer a cleaning service included in all our Home Management packages. A shift to sustainability and brand’s eco credentials has been apparent in most of our clients’ minds, with greener alternatives and products appearing on our shopping lists.

Our existing overseas clients were not able to travel over to their homes in London due to the travel restrictions throughout the pandemic. With this change we saw a 36% rise in requests from our clients for anti-viral fogging treatments of their homes, and most popularly, a 32% rise in clients wanting landscaping and garden assistance. We have also had requests for the installation and sourcing of home gyms and bedroom conversions, creating a fully functioning work from home space. Notably, with the stay-at-home restrictions, we have seen a 43% rise in enquiries for interior assistance and small works.

We have welcomed new clients to our service too, the majority of these clients being those who have decided during the pandemic to spend more time in the countryside or overseas and need an extra pair of eyes at their property. For these clients they can travel back to their London home with the knowledge that they will open their door to a clean property with their fridges full of their favourite groceries, the heating/air conditioning on, fresh flowers on the table, clean linens on the beds, their clothes dry cleaned, wardrobes checked for moths, through to their phone chargers at their bedside tables turned on. These clients will leave again knowing they have 24/7 access to their Home Manager, their bills paid, and their homes will be visited every week to check for any issues with a full report done.

If you are interested in our Home Management service or would like further information, please contact Quintessentially Home here.