LONDON: STILL THE BEST ASSET The real estate of London, particularly in the super-prime sector, is highly competitive, with many of the most premium properties never coming on to the market. In a world where everything is online, the opposite is true with London’s HNW (high-net-worth) and UHNW (ultra-high-net-worth) housing. As privacy and discretion are key, many prime properties are known only to a select few. And part of the few are the city’s elite property advisers, especially buying agents.

Your best bet – and not just for their insider knowledge – is to work with an independent buying agent who has access to both on- and off-market properties. They’ll help you distinguish between ‘the best and the rest’, which can make a difference to your long-term investment. At Quintessentially Estates we have exceptionally strong relationships with selling agents, something that gives us early access to off-market and pre-release housing. Most of the properties we secure are not on the market, making the transactions very discreet, putting you at the front of the queue.

THE POWER OF NEGOTIATION An expert negotiator will find the best deals, but what really sets an agent apart is their informed, objective advice and knowledge on every aspect of the transaction: this is particularly true for international buyers (an area we specialise in at Quintessentially Estates). The right buying agent will help you navigate the marketplace based on your specific needs, working solely for you, and without being influenced by vendors. When you’re buying an asset of this worth it’s vital to have honest advice from someone representing your best interests

We also carry out detailed market analysis on recent transactions to make sure clients are paying the correct price. It’s also worth noting that sellers and agents often prefer a buyer with representation as it shows they’re more serious.

I work one-on-one with my clients. This can take time but knowing their requirements means I can find what really suits them. Whether it’s finding an off-plan apartment individually tailored to them or purchasing  a property that’s not actually up for sale  (I did this for a client who had always loved a specific house in Hampstead), it’s about providing a bespoke, all-encompassing service. An agent will attend every viewing, deal with all contract negotiations and undertake stringent due diligence on the chosen property. This way our clients get their dream residence at the best price  – and with a minimum amount of stress.

LOCATION, STYLE AND DESIGN It’s not just a case of buying the ‘right address’, you need the right one within  the right address. From the better side  of the street to the penthouse with the  truly extraordinary view, these details  can seriously enhance your purchase.

Style and finish are important, too. Many new developments are working with top designers to set them apart: maintaining the personality of London living, as well as delivering the heritage of the future. A great example is the new Mayfair Park Residences by Clivedale, which come with a whole host of assets: from health club and full concierge service to valet parking and even dog-walking – all perfect for the discerning modern buyer. What makes the development even more unique is that  while the buildings are new, the original Georgian façades have been retained.

THE RIGHT PLACE FOR  YOUR LIFESTYLE London is defined by its unique character, it’s one of the reasons it’s still the world’s most popular city for global property investment (which it has been for nine out of the last 10 years).

When looking to buy, particularly if you  want to live in your property some or all of the time, make sure you pick a location that works with your way of life. A lot of our clients are new to London and are unsure about location, so we’ll cover multiple areas in their search and help them make informed decisions based on their everyday needs, as well as long-term considerations like school catchment areas and commuting. At Quintessentially Estates we’ll look at every property, both on and  off the market, that fits our client’s requests and then take everything into account.

MAYFAIR’S RENAISSANCE In a city full of property hotspots, the hottest one right now is Mayfair, in central London, whose residential renaissance has put it at the forefront of the city’s super-prime market. Its appeal spans the generations, with over 40% of recent HNW buyers in their 40s. These younger purchasers want the traditional look, but with all the attachments of a modern property, and they’re willing to pay to be in the right area. One of my most expensive purchases in 2018 was here – and with  over £5 billion planned spend across  12 developments, it’ll be the place to be  for some time yet.

Our clients love the fact that we’re not just an estate agent but a luxury real-estate company with offices around the world and an unrivaled network of connections

Another favourite that’s having its moment again is Notting Hill. This much-loved west London enclave has seen a resurgence, with marquee addresses such as Chepstow Villas, Lansdowne Crescent, Elgin Crescent, Pembridge Square and Ladbroke Square at the top of the list. Streets on squares with communal gardens are the prime locations, particularly for families, who not only love these open spaces but also the great schools and social life. It’s a closed market so I’d definitely recommend working with a good agent.

IT’S ABOUT THE SERVICE At Quintessentially Estates in London, our clients love the fact that we’re not just an estate agent but a luxury real-estate company with offices around the world and an unrivalled network of connections. We understand what works for them, do due diligence on every property to reduce uncertainty and negotiate for the best terms. Meanwhile our in-house property management division can help with every element of the logistics. Overseas buyers love this support: we can help with renovations, interior design and ongoing home management so they don’t have to worry about their home while they’re away or whether it’s going to be ready on their arrival.

This level of expertise is also in our dedicated lettings department. We match the best London properties to the best tenants while delivering an unrivalled personal service. And we’re only a WhatsApp click away, too.

Not only do we save our clients a lot of time but also usually some considerable amounts of money, too. Why would you buy your most prized asset without having someone looking after your best interests? •