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Quintessentially Membership

For over two decades, we’ve pioneered and perfected the concept of luxury lifestyle management. We’re redefining excellence by continuously refining our bespoke concierge services. We are the pinnacle of personalisation and the epitome of exclusivity.

Private Membership

We’re here for whatever you need – wherever and whenever you need it. From the ordinary everyday lifestyle requests to the extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we fulfil every request with exceptional attention to detail. It’s the smallest touches that make the biggest difference, after all.

Your one-to-one contact with your lifestyle manager empowers them to provide you with proactive, personalised recommendations totally tailored to your tastes. You’ll always be in the know when it comes to the things you love most.

As the global authority in luxury lifestyle management, our private concierge membership unlocks access to the best the world has to offer. From the sold-out to the sought-after, you’ll never miss out on all of life’s most extraordinary experiences.

We know your time is precious, that’s why we make sure you have more of it. Whether we’re managing your major milestones or ticking tasks off your daily to-do, you’ll spend less time dealing with the details and more time making unforgettable memories.

Corporate Collective Membership

Mirroring our private memberships, our bespoke Corporate Collective Membership offers luxury lifestyle management for all aspects of your Senior Management Team’s personal and work lives. The membership goes beyond typical corporate concierge, allowing businesses to look after, retain, and attract the best talent whilst supporting business leaders in optimising their health, wellbeing and enjoyment of life, both personally and professionally.

Our dedicated team of corporate lifestyle managers provides corporate members with access to every aspect of the global offering of Quintessentially Group. This includes curated programmes, bespoke experiences and events, global access to our portfolio of brand partners and offices worldwide, and unique access to our Quintessentially in-house services.

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Quintessentially Estates
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