I met up with an old business contact yesterday and we were chatting about past deals. I was reminiscing on the 33 million deal I did in Brazil – I still look back at the string of events that lead to the closing of it and how it changed everything.

I was lying in bed at about 10.30pm and my phone rang and I distinctly remember thinking I am not going to pick it up but am so curious, I did. It was a client I was speaking to months ago about Rio and he was boarding his private jet to go there and wanted to see properties tomorrow – let’s just say, I didn’t sleep that night. I was in bed calling organising itinerary’s you name it ready for his arrival. And boom he picked the most expensive penthouse there was off market, super exclusive I couldn’t believe it!

Something like this shows you if I hadn’t picked the phone up that may never have happened. He would have called another agent and that just catapulted us into the international markets overnight and I have never looked back with some of the biggest deals in the world closed under my belt and offices opening all over the world, it may have been very different if that deal hadn’t happened.

It gave me the confidence, the know-how, the credibility to just get out there and drive the business out globally – go big or go home! Anyone who knows me I am addicted to my phone and know to call my work phone before my personal to get hold of me so I always tell this story to new starters or anyone getting into the business. My moto is – just pick up your phone. You never know how it could change your life!